3D Models Using Multiple Photos - Interactive Demos

This page provides a few 3D models that you can interactively manipulate and examine inside a Web browser. Caveats: Unlike the demos shown in our other demo pages which are Youtube movies, these demos may not work for you - depending on the operating systems and hardware platforms you use.

Two types of models are provided: low-resolution ones and high-resolution ones. The differences are contrasted in the table below.

Low-resolution models

High-resolution models

format WebGL VRML
Size ~ 5MB anywhere from 20MB to 100MB and up
Compressed or not no yes
Download & processing time < 1 min (depending on your Internet connection speed) ~ 5 min to half an hour (slow over a low-bandwith connection)
Model detail coarse (WebGL limits 3D models to a maximum of 65,535 vertices) fine
Browser plug-in installation not needed one-time installation required (install browser plug-in here)
Availability Google Chrome, Firefox (not Microsoft IE!) Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE

Please note that neither of these two options is a sure bet. WebGL is a bleeding-edge, experimental technology. It needs the right graphics card and driver routine to function, and is not likely to work, say, on a Linux machine or a mobile device. Furthermore, current WebGL specification limits a 3D model to 65,535 vertices (represented as an unsigned short integer) and most of our 3D models possess too much detail to be rendered at such a coarse resolution without serious down-sampling. On the other hand, a one-time installation of a browser plugin is required to view VRML models and the support for browser VRML viewer plug-in at NIST is slightly dated.

We recommend that you first try the WebGL models in the middle column below. There is no installation required to view these models (just click). If WebGL models do not work (with a warning message that WebGL cannot be initialized), or you would like to view the high-resolution models, please click on the images in the right column. However, to view the VRML models in the right column, you do need to install a browser plugin here. Also, be warned that the VRML models can take minutes to process and load. If all these fail, please try our other demo pages.

Click images to see details

Sample input images

Low-Resolution 3D model

High-Resolution 3D model

(WebGL Models)

(Compressed WRML Models)

~ 1 min download

~ 5 min to half an hour download and processing

5.7MB uncompressed 4.0MB compressed and 20MB uncompressed
4.9MB uncompressed 3.8MB compressed and 20MB uncompressed
6.7MB uncompressed 18.6MB compressed and 98MB uncompressed
7.7MB uncompressed 5.9MB compressed and 30MB uncompressed
4.3MB uncompressed 2.9MB compressed and 14MB uncompressed
6.6MB uncompressed 30.0MB compressed and 165MB uncompressed
8.0MB uncompressed 43.3MB compressed and 227MB uncompressed
8.3MB uncompressed 28.0MB compressed and 151MB uncompressed
6.0MB uncompressed 33.0MB compressed and 172MB uncompressed
7.4MB uncompressed 45.0MB compressed and 247MB uncompressed
8.0MB uncompressed 8.0MB compressed and 41MB uncompressed