How to use the metrology engine? 

1.  Should I pre-process the pictures (e.g., sharpen it with Photoshop) or crop the pictures for
     your program?

2.  The metrology engine says that my camera's make/model is not recognized. What does
     that mean?

3.  Why are there four displays (two for the left and two for the right pictures) in the graphical
     user interface (GUI)?

4.  How are the upper and lower displays related?

5.  How do I move the view port?

6.  How do I zoom?

7.  Do I need to use zoom?

8.  I cannot see the corners clearly even with a high zoom, what should I do?

9.  How do the left and right windows differ?

10.  What can I do in the right (slave) window?

11.  What can I do in the left (master) window?

12.  What can I measure using your metrology engine?

13. Can I measure in the metric system?

14. Do I need to specify the image locations of the reference first?

15. Can I change the reference used?

16. How do I enter a new feature point?

17. How do I select an existing feature point (e.g., to move it to a new location)?

18. I made a mistake in entering points or lines. How do I delete those erroneous points and       lines?

19. How do I annotate a point or a line?

20. The display is quite cluttered; can I move the labels around?

21. How come I do not see the area measurements in the GUI?

22. For some pictures, I got a message saying "Please specify at least 6 correspondences       for further processing". I don't see that message for other pictures, why?

23. If I see the message "Please specify at least 6 correspondences for further processing",
      can I specify more than 6 pairs of correspondences or I can only specify six?

24. What is auto correspondence?

25. Why some times when I turn on auto correspondence the system will turn it off and still
      asks me to specify at least 6 correspondences manually?

26. What do you mean by "inferring the movement of the camera in between the two camera
      shots automatically"?

27. Can I save my project?

28. The GUI seems to be very complicated.

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